Dingeman ALive

The new story

I am a Dutch creator and musician and I sing in English.

The styles and music that I compose, create and play are diverse and broad, and are sometimes like a story. And nature, real Life. Energy's. It are small, intimate singer songwriter songs and sometimes beautiful heavenly realms. Energy's which come free and touch you in your heart, which make you open (yourself). Pure and authentic. ALive. Energy from the essence, fromout the Heart. And you re-member yourself. You feel and see. And knows. You be. Love and Power. Free. ALive.
You can book me for many different things, formats, locations and assign. For example, I want to come play for you in a house concert, small intimate outdoor performances by and in the nature, individual music, great performances in venues and festivals, theaters and many other events and venues that have to do with music, Life, nature, consiousness and awakening, and or where I can be creative and active with music, human and this.




The end of a slavery. 


To be real, Love, life and so Real Free, it's important that we haven't any of powers, artificials and control above us, like governments and the power of money and artificial inteligence. And/or that they have not any influence to us and 'our' environment. So Real and real free. These powers and artificial things are not living and not operating fromout The Source and doesn't have a soul. They are there to control us and decrease all Human and all Life our consciousness, our strength, health, individual and collective power and the alliance of each other, the animals, the earth and everything in and around us.


Money isn't energy (it is only because it is here). Money has been developed as a blockade between people and people and Life. Even is the Government. All settled to suppress human, power, energy, Love and Real Life.


When we don't have money and government, then we unslave us. And we live in and fromout our heart. And so with all the love for us and for In and All around us. And so everything go's on, like 'then', in the essence, a Paradise.  The real World.



Therefore we need to work and live that there is life where money and law and work does not exist, or at least that it do not control and 'lead' us, so we dont have to use it, if we dont want it, so it do not use us. So everything is Love and real Freedom. Here I am working on and join us here. Among others by stimulate, encouraging, create and provide services, creations, power, healness, reality, and awakening without (much) money is involved. Hopefully I stab and touch people with this, I plant seeds that may come out, and more and more people carry out free stuff, create, working, helping and doing things for free and live for free. So that money eventually and very fast in the past. And of course a Live without slavery, so without a government or other power what is settled bove us. So we can make us Free.



Till much people do this, a gift of money is always welcome. Even the money which I want and get for my energy which I use to do a lot of gigs, create and manifastate very much and bring cleareness in and around the world. I ask money for this. So I can live and do and build wonderfull things with it and use it, even now with the artificial things like a computer, so that money, artificial inteligence, artificial things and slavery are not control us anymore and not further and faster and extremer anymore. And we are nature, Real aLive and Free.

This is how the real Truth is for me and how I see it, feel, know, be and get it through inside to me. Hopefully I bring forth this fellow. This mission.


I hope I touch you in The Heart. In your Heart.
Until then, when money is still here and have his power, every lovely gift is very welcome. This can be even a little somewhat, or more, or much. And it can be every lovely thing.


Much Love, Freedom, whealty and a really big hug,


Video's / Muziek